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Kate Henderson B.A. Hons.

Genealogical Researcher & Record Agent.

16 Steeple Grange, Wirksworth, Derbyshire. DE4 4FS.

Phone: 01629 825132

Would you like to know more about your ancestors, but haven't the time or opportunity to do your own research? Or do you just require occasional help with your own work?
If you can supply a name with possible dates or places, I will search local original records, e.g. Parish registers, Census Returns, Wills, Settlement and Removal papers, Marriage bonds and allegations, estate papers, deeds, leases, maps etc and report back to you on all findings: successful or unsuccessful. Charges: Reasonable hourly rate for research and reporting, plus postage, telephone and travel expenses. (I live only 3 miles from Derbyshire Archives). Also cost of copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, if obtained, and photocopies of original documents all enclosed with your final report.

All local and family history research enquiries welcome. Histories written - placing your family events into their historical, social, political and economic backgrounds. Friendly, reliable service by experienced researcher. My work is NOT computerised and all reports are handwritten.
Why not set an initial upper limit? I will then work up to that amount and with the report give you an indication of the possibilities of future researches in your particular case e.g. the availability of relevant documents.

For further details please contact:
Kate Henderson B.A.Hons (History) Genealogical Researcher & Record Agent, 16 Steeple Grange, Wirksworth, DERBYSHIRE. DE4 4FS. England. Telephone: 01629-825132

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