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Scotland Ancestry Trees

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  • Terry & Gina Fletcher have a few web pages that details names from the following counties: Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, London, Middlesex, Sussex & Scotland too .. Go to Multiple county section for full details
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  • Sharon Walker has a web site �SCOTTISH & FENLAND ANCESTORS�, detailing her family�s Scottish ancestors which include ancestors on her Mothers side - ANDERSON, BIRD, BURNS, CAMPBELL, INGLIS, McDONALD, MILLIGAN, NIVENS, SMEATON, WHITEHEAD & WIGHT.
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  • Ancestors on her Father�s side, including Lancashire, Yorkshire and Scottish Charnleys - ANDERSON, CAVEN, CHARNLEY, FALLOON, JOHNSTON, McKEE, NAISMITH, SMITH, TAYLOR, TRAIN, TRACEY & WEIR
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  • STIRRAT - Rachel Roberts has a web site at www.tribalpages/
  • The web site gives full details of Rachel�s ancestors which were mainly based in Northern England. Her family tree includes the STIRRAT surname from Scotland.
  • Click here for full surname list of Rachel�s ancstors
  • ==========
  • HALL & WALKER plus many other Scottish ancestors & surnames (see below)
  • Sarah WALKER (formerly HALL) has created the WALKER & HALL Family Tree.  It is a work in progress and any additional information will be gratefully received.
  • Visit ... to view information about the following surnames, all originating in the UK; particularly Scotland.  When you visit the site, you will be asked to enter a password ... so please email Sarah WALKER first, and she will gladly grant you access.
  • >> AIRDRIE: Wigtownshire, Scotland >> ANDERSON: Banffshire, Scotland >> ANSELL: Hertfordshire & Derbyshire, England; Queensland, Australia >> BAUCHOP: Stirlingshire, Scotland >> BOYLE: Lanarkshire, Scotland >> BURNET: Peeblesshire, Scotland >> DALE: West Lothian, Scotland >> DONALDSON: Fifeshire, Scotland; Lancashire, England >> DOWNS: Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire, Scotland >> GILLESPIE: Lanarkshire, Scotland >> GRAHAM: Hampshire, England; Stirlingshire & Buteshire, Scotland >> GRAY: Lanarkshire, Scotland >> HALL: Stirlingshire & Renfrewshire, Scotland; Victoria, Australia; Ontario, Canada >> HAYES: Buckinghamshire, England; New South Wales, Australia >> HAYNES: Lancashire, England; New South Wales, Australia >> LAWLER: County Laois, Ireland; New South Wales & Queensland, Australia >> MANTACH: Moray, Scotland >> MCALEAR: Lanarkshire, Scotland >> MCCABE: County Louth, Ireland; New South Wales, Australia >> MCDONALD: Fifeshire, Scotland >> MCNAY: Lanarkshire, Scotland >> MEIKLE: West Lothian, Stirlingshire & Midlothian, Scotland >> MILLAR: Stirlingshire, Scotland; Ontario, Canada >> MILNE: Banffshire & Inverness-shire, Scotland >> MYCOCK: Lancashire, England; New South Wales, Australia >> O'DONNELL: County Cork, Ireland; New South Wales, Australia >> QUINN: Glamorganshire, Wales; Queensland & New South Wales, Australia >> RAINEY: Renfrewshire & Lanarkshire, Scotland; South Africa >> ROBB: Fifeshire, Scotland >> RUSSELL: West Lothian & Lanarkshire, Scotland >> SMELLIE: Lanarkshire & West Lothian, Scotland >> STEVENSON: Stirlingshire, Scotland >> WALKER: Lanarkshire & West Lothian, Scotland; Victoria, Australia >> WISEMAN: Banffshire, Scotland >> YOUNG: County Tyrone, Northern Ireland; Lancashire & Staffordshire, England; Lanarkshire, Scotland.
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Scotland - Aberdeenshire area Ancestry Trees

Scotland - Forfarshire area Ancestry Trees

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  • Paul CAMPBELL has a growing web site at -
  • The site details his many ancestors from Lancashire, Suffolk, Cheshire ... some of the names listed may not have yet been added to his site, but Paul is eager to hear from anyone with connections to the families listed and all surnames will eventually appear on his web site.
  • Forfarshire Surnames - Found in Angus area, Forfarshire, Scotland .... CAMPBELL in Fearn or Brechin & also LEYS in St Vigeans.
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Scotland - Glasgow area Ancestry Trees

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  • See - �The Family Genealogy of Albert GOSNALL born Grays Thurrock Essex UK�
  • Site includes details regarding the following surnames & locations: (Lincolnshire) CURTIS, NEWTON ... (In Essex) GOSNALL, BUTTELL, CARTER, DINES, HEMPSTEAD, KNIGHT, MERCER, TUTTON, WILSON ... (Dorset) MOTYER ... (Devon) WINSOR ... (Glasgow) GILMOUR, GRANTHAM ... (Lancashire) MOTYER, NEWTON, WINTERBOTTOM/WINTER ... (Middlesex) NEWTON, OSBORN
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Wales (Clwyd- North Wales) Ancestry Trees

Wales (Denbighshire- North Wales) Ancestry Trees

Wales (Glamorgan - South Wales) Ancestry Trees

  • ==========
  • See web site -
  • CLYMOW family of Glamorgam in Wales & also Cornwall; plus CARROLL, CHALLENGER, DUMBLE, HOPKINS, PUGSLEY of Gloucestershire, Bristol & Somerset ... and DUMBLE family of Cornwall.
  • John Fletcher has a web site at which includes FLETCHER family tree, author details, images and contact information. Our male Fletcher ancestors and their families have resided in South Wales for over two hundred years. Their occupations have included coal miner, canal workers and agricultural workers. Family descendants have spread far and wide & we hope we can reach some of them through our website and form more links to our past.
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Wales (Powys - Mid Wales) Ancestry Trees

Wales (Radnorshire - Mid Wales) Ancestry Trees

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