Suffolk Personal Web Pages

The following sites are personal web pages belonging to people with with Suffolk genealogy interests. E-mail me your URL�s & details, if you want your site listed.

  • Homepage of the Websdales of Suffolk and Norfolk England - By Anne Savage
  • Mark Godfrey has a family tree site at which contains many surnames > > FISHER-London, Rotherhithe> > FLOWER-London, Horsleydown, Rotherhithe> > GODFREY- Anywhere, London, Paddington, Marylebone> > HAMBLING- Beccles,Great Yarmouth, Harwich> > > HAWKINS-London, Bermondsey, North East England> > > JESSUP- Combs, Stowmarket, Ipswich, Suffolk> > LOCKWOOD- Laxfield, Ubbeston, Ipswich, Suffolk> > OFFORD- Wyverstone, Suffolk> > PENDRILL- Horsleydown, London> > ROBINSON- Barbados, Harwich, Ipswich> > SMITH- London, Paddington> > Also Links to> Alexander, Arbon, Appleton, Barker, Barnard, Batt, Bird, Brain, Broom, Butler, Buttivant, Christy, Claydon, Clough, Coghner, Concon, Corbett, Cornish, Crawley, Crespin, Davies, Dean, DeMooy, Dennington, Dew, Edge, Fallon, Farrell, Fletcher, Grasby, Gunter, Hall, Hamilton, Henderson, Holmes, Hough, Jacobsen, Jarvis, Jewell, Jones, Kelly, Lambert, McDermott, Meakin,Miller, Morley, Morrison, Oliver, Olliver, Overby, Page, Pappelardo, Payne, Pearce, Pearson, Porter, Rayner, Reynolds, Rose, Rowsell, Rozier, Sadler, Sams, Simmons, Smith, Sommers, Southgate, Spalding, Spencer, Stewart, Sullivan, Tapp, Taylor, Teague, Tinker, Trend, Turner, White, Willcocks, Wilson, Wink, Wond.
  • Colin King has a web site regarding his EYKE ancestors in Suffolk. Details currently go back to 1714 and he has 2041 names
  • Valerie Peels has transcribed extracts from the Plomesgate & Blything District 1861 Census, the households extracts are available fully transcribed & on her web site. See her web site for surnames of those extracted.

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