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  • Looking for information regarding Steven SUFFOLK of UK & Boston, Mass. USA
  • Posted by Maureen Abbott on 27th January 2004
  • My surname name is Suffolk & my grand father came from England via Boston, Mass. probably around the turn of the century or just before 1900 & his name was Steven SUFFOLK , that is all I really know
    but if anyone can help or pass on information It would be great. Thank you, Maureen Suffolk Abbott
  • Looking for descendants of Arthur ROMAINE & Luisa (nee JUTTEN) of Brighton, Sussex
  • Posted by Jean Blease on January 26th 2004
  • I am trying to trace descendants of my maternal great-grandparents, Arthur & Louisa ROMAINE (nee JUTTEN), who married in Brighton, Sussex in 1892. The 1901 Census shows them having three children: Violet, born 1894, Edward, born 1899 & Molly, born 1900. Although I have succeeded in getting a great deal of information re Arthur & Louisa, their offspring are proving more elusive & I would dearly love to be able to trace their descendants. Any help that anyone could give would be most appreciated. Thank you. Jean Blease Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Looking for ancestors & descendants of Septimus Constantine THOMPSON
  • Posted by Jackie Thorpe on 23rd January 2004
  • Septimus Constantine THOMPSON was born March 16th 1870 (not sure where in the U.K.) and he died February 25th 1913 in Skipton, County of York, Yorkshire. He married Mabel Charlton READ and they had 2 children, Constance THOMPSON and Jack Burnett THOMPSON. I believe the family lived in Yorkshire. After his death in 1913, Mabel remarried a man with the surname of RIDLEY and had 2 sons, Geoffrey and Ivan. Mabel and family immigrated to Canada in 1928 and lived in Victoria, British Columbia until her death. Thanks for your help, Jacqueline Thorpe (nee Thompson), Canada
  • Looking for ancestors & descendants of William BULL & his son Josiah BULL
  • Posted by Raymond Bull on 23rd January 2004
  • I'm looking for decendents or ancecestors of William Bull born Leake 1840 and his son Josiah Bull born Carlby 1876, Many Thanks, Ray Bull, Swansea
  • I'm looking for Janice COLLINS, daughter of Philip A. COLLINS & Audrey CHAMBERLAIN
  • Posted by Brett Collins / (alternate email address) on January 21st 2004
  • I'm looking for my half sister Janice COLLINS, though she may now be married and have a different surname. She was born October 1947/48 & possibly in Leicestershire. The daughter of Phillip A.  COLLINS & Audrey COLLINS (formerly CHAMBERLAIN). My name is Brett COLLINS & I share the same Father as Janice. I was born May 12th 1953 in South Wales, UK ...  but now we live in North Carolina, USA. I have a daughter born Oct 13th 1984 & I am trying to find out what happened to Janice, as my father has had no contact since 1953 & so Janice & myself have never met. I do not know if she even knows I exist & my uncle believes her mother remarried and moved to Holland, so itís possible Janice's last name may have changed when her mother re-married. If anyone is able to put me in touch with Janice it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, Brett Collins
  • Looking for info regarding my grandparents Henry and Sarah BOULTON of Nottingham
  • Posted by   Iris  on the 21st January 2004
  • I am looking for information on my grandparents Henry and Sarah BOULTON who lived at 22 Castle Terrace, Nottingham in the 1900's. I think they had 5 children Albert born in 1903 and Ernest the youngest born 1910, the others were called Harold and Jim and I think the daughters name was Edie? I know that Harold married Rose and they had no children, Ernest married Doris and they had 2 children, Jim never married, Albert married and had several children.  I understand the daughter married but do not know whether she had children. Many Thanks, Iris
  • Looking for descendants/relatives of my Mother-in-law, Pauline Marie STUARD (nee JEPSON)
  • Posted by Sarajane V. Lien on the 21st January 2004
  • I am trying to find descendants or relatives of my mother in law, Pauline Marie JEPSON. She was born (possibly) in Yorkshire about 1940 or slightly earlier. She married Richard STUARD, an American serviceman, in Edinburgh about 1960 & they had two sons ... Richard STUARD II and Robert STUARD. Richard was born in England in 1961 and Robert was born in the USA in 1961. Pauline and Richard divorced in the late 1960s or 1970, and Pauline was later remarried to a man named TURNER in California. They had one daughter, Teryl TURNER, who was born in the early 1970s. Pauline lived in Pomona, CA until her death in 1981, before my daughter was born. Pauline had lost contact with her sons since around 1970. Her parents' surnames were FLANAGAN and her grandparents' names were QUIRK, probably/possibly all were from the Yorkshire area. We would like to connect with any of Pauline's surviving brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. Any information or leads would be so appreciated. Regards, Sarajane
  • I'm looking for John BENNETT's mother (name unknown) she bore James BRINDLEYís son
  • Posted by Claire Borys on January 20th 2004
  • James Brindley the famous canal engineer (1716 - 1772) fathered an illegitimate son John Bennett (1760 - 1799).  What was the name of John's mother? Many thanks, Claire Borys, Sydney, Australia.
  • I'm looking for predecessors of Annie BRADLEY born Derbyshire
  • Posted by Claire Borys on January 20th 2004
  • I would like any information about a Rosanna SALT who lived in the early to mid 1800's.  The only thing I know about Rosanna SALT is a Rose tapestry completed 1850.  Rosanna's maiden name may have been FITTON.  Rosanna married <unknown> SALT and then <unknown> WARD, or vice-versa.  Rosanna had 5 children Frederick, Emma, Sarah, Mary-Jane and Annie but I don't know whether their father was SALT or WARD.
  • Rosanna's daughter Annie (1869 - 1934/35) was born in Derbyshire. Annie is my maternal great-grandmother and I'm very keen to trace the female line back from her.  Annie married Harry BRADLEY and they went to Portsmouth where he had a career with the water police.  All their children (one of whom was my maternal grandmother) were born in Southsea, Portsmouth.  Annie is buried in Portsmouth. Harry died in 1942 and is buried in Callington, Cornwall.
    [Annie's sister Mary-Jane married Harry's brother Charles and they went to Perth,W.Australia before Charles abandoned his family for a life in USA.] Many thanks, Claire Borys, Sydney, Australia.
  • I'm looking for information regarding the SISSONS & ROGERS Families, Derbyshire
  • Posted by Sandra Crompton on January 20th 2004
  • I am looking for anyone who is related to my late In-Laws, the SISSON & ROGERS families, around 1890 & lived in Whittaker Street, Litchurch ... thanks Sandra Crompton (Rogers)
  • Looking for descendants of Mark WOOD born Derbyshire, UK & moved to Pennsylvania, USA
  • Posted by George Deeming on the 16th January 2004
  • I'm looking for any descendents of Mark WOOD who was christened 22nd September 1839 at Egginton, Derbyshire, UK. Father:  William WOOD & Mother: Mary. Mark's occupation was a Machinist. The family came to the United States about 1858. The parents lived in Germantown Pennsylvania. (William died July 29th 1892, aged 87 years). Mark enrolled as a Private with Company
    C, 21st Ohio Infantry Regiment on August 29th 1861 and took part in the infamous ĎGreat Locomotive Chaseí and was one of the first awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and fought in numerous Civil War Battles. Due to injuries suffered at the Battle of Chickamauga and Buzzard's Roost, he was discharged with disability on November 3rd 1864. He
    died in Toledo, Ohio on July 11th 1866 and was buried in Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Masonic Lot. No. 36, Section H, Grave No. 8 on July 13, 1866. Any descendents please contact George Deeming, Curator - The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, 2829 Cherokee Street, Kennesaw, Georgia. 30144, U.S.A., or email me - 
    George Deeming
  • Looking for ancestors & information regarding WILSON in Keighley, W.Yorkshire.
  • Posted by Carole Hewitt on 14th January 2004
  • Looking for ancestors/information about WILSON in Keighley, W.Yorkshire. My gg grandad was born 1869 in Union Workhouse, Keighley, illegitimate. His mother's name was Mary WILSON and her address just after his birth was given as Lawkholme, Keighley. Harry married Mary Hannah BLAKEY in Keighley in 1891, aged 22 and they moved to Oldham sometime between 1992 and 1895 where they stayed and had four children. Would like to find out anything at all about Mary WILSON. Maybe she had other children besides Harry. Thanks, Carole Hewitt, Scotland.
  • Looking for descendants of Sidney SELLARS - from Ruddington, Nottinghamshire
  • Posted by Victoria on 13th January 2004
  • Iím trying to trace the descendants of the late Sidney SELLARS. I believe he came from Ruddington, and was employed at the Gun factory in the Meadows Nottingham, during the war. I am told he died approximately three years ago, probably in his eighties. Thank You, Victoria
  • Looking for info. regarding Frederick WHITTAKER born UK 1896 & moved to Australia c.1925
  • Posted by [email protected] on 13th January 2004 From:
  • I would appreciate any help in tracing the history of Frederick WHITTAKER born in UK, 25/2/1896. It is understood he served in the British Army before immigrating to Melbourne, Victoria - circa 1925. He was married to Enid VILLIERS. Enid died in Melbourne (date unknown). Frederick had campaign medals for 1914-1918 Great war & he was a private in the Devon Regiment no.290993. & believed to have been captured in Pashendale ( ?) France & thought to have been returned to England after the war. He was a boot maker by trade (?) & he made several references to A Lancashire regiment to his son Francis Frederick who now resides in Melbourne Australia. Frederick died in Melbourne in 21/2/1968
  • Looking for information regarding anyone with the surname PARTOON ... anytime & anyplace!
  • Posted by Jeanette Tesho on January 7th 2004
  • I would like to hear from anyone who has information about anyone with the surname partoon, born anytime, and anyplace. This information is required for family genealogy research only. Please e-mail me ... thanks Jeanette.
  • Looking for info regarding families CLARK(E), SMITH, WHITEHOUSE & LUNN
  • Posted by Charlie on January 7th 2004
  • I am a descendent of LUNN family from Westbromwich and we have put together a family tree to try and find out the real name of our Great Granddad who changed his name to SMITH. William (Bill) married Lydia CLARK(E) b.1870? ... children Lydia (married name BING), William and Eliza Anne CLARK(E). Eliza Anne CLARK(E) b.1890? married Walter SMITH (BRIDGEMAN??)
  • Walter was his first name and he went to the army at young age as he was the black sheep of the family from Stroud Gloucestershire as far as the story goes.  He come out of the army and changed his name to SMITH and married Eliza Anne CLARK(E). Eliza and Walter SMITHís children were Walter (died 6yrs old), Gladys, Edith, Doris, Lilly, Ivy b.1912 (my nan), Elsie, Lavinia (All deceased).
  • Ivy (Smith) b.1912-1995 married Arthur James LUNN b.1909-1977 and they had Arthur (died 3mths), Ivy Doreen 1932, Anthony Derek 1946. Arthur James LUNN's family - his mother was called Florence (Florrie) WHITEHOUSE married to Granddad (died 1st World War). LUNN, kids = Harry, Harold, Arthur b.1890? and William (Billy)1/2 brother. All dates with question marks are approximate and any names could also be spelt incorrectly, so please the nearest as possible. THANK YOU
  • Looking for details regarding the MacANDREW & McDONALD families, Newcastle area
  • Posted by Pat Roberts on January 5th 2004
    I'm looking for information regarding the MacANDREW and McDONALD families in the Newcastle area
    of England, born in the late 1800's to 1950's. We are descended from both families and we are interested in filling some gaps in our family tree. Any information appreciated, Regards Pat
  • Looking for the OLDHAM & HUTCHBY families of Nottingham
  • Posted by Angela Barrett on January 1st 2004
    I'm looking for information regarding the OLDHAM & HUTCHBY families, both Pre 1920ís & in Nottingham, Many Thanks Angela Barrett
  • Looking for relatives of William & Ruth TAYLOR of Northamptonshire & Warwickshire
  • Posted by Iris Taylor on January 1st 2004
  • Looking for relatives of William TAYLOR, born 1858 Middleton Cheney, Northampton. He married Ruth who was born in Charlecote, Warwick ?Abt.1842?, moved Wellsbourne, Warwick. They had son William in 1875, dau Mary in 1877. According to the 1881 census they moved to Newbold Pacey where their son Henry was born in 1880 or 1881. We think they were servants in large house in Newbold Pacey. Any help appreciated, Iris.
  • Looking for relatives of John & Emma WHITTAKER & their family
  • Posted by Iris Taylor on January 1st 2004
  • Looking for relatives of the WHITTAKER family, according to the 1881 census were living in Heath End Pelsall, John  50yrs  & Emma 50yrs. John was from Tipton and Emma was from Sedgley. At that time they had - Thomas 22yrs, Benjamin 16yrs, Richard 12yrs & Sampson 8yrs. Any help appreciated, Iris
  • Looking for relatives of Alan WHITTAKER
  • Posted by Iris Taylor on January 1st 2004
  • Looking for connection or information regarding Alan WHITTAKER who used to live in Shelfield. Walsall early 1950`s (next door to Aunt Aggie, Aunt Lils shop) Any help or information appreciated, Iris
  • Looking for information regarding James BIRRELL & his mother Ellen BIRRELL
  • Posted by Kerry Wells on 30th December 2003
  • I am looking for James BIRRELL who was born in Sunderland on the 30th of January 1918, mother's name Ellen BIRRELL who was also born in Hartlepool in Durham in February 1901 ... Thanks Kerry.
  • Looking for information regarding the LANCASTER & CURTIS Families
  • Posted by Juli Blenis on 28th December 2003
  • I am looking for information on Charles LANCASTER, I believe he was born in Lincolnshire on November 15th 1799. Of course I realize the counties of Rutland and Nottingham are pretty close and I know that my gg grandfather was born in 1827 in Nottingham. I can not located any information on a Charles LANCASTER (1799) in this time frame. The closest I've come is in 1801 for a christening of a Charles LANCASTER. The family appears to be Congregationalist (at least that is what they were here in the states). I also am trying to find information on a Sarah CURTIS who he married in Long Bennington in January 1825. She was born in Ropsley (I believe). At least this is what the family history from Illinois has in the log. I am stuck and can not go back any further because of  the lack of information on parents. After Sarah died in (I believe) 1856, the family immigrated to Prophetstown,
    Illinois, USA.  I would really appreciate any information on my ggg grandparents. Best regards,
    Juli Lancaster Blenis
  • Looking for John SHEPHERD, born 1813 in Nottingham & transported to Australia in 1830
  • Posted by Bruce & Pam Shephard on 26th December 2003
  • Can anyone help me trace a birthdate for John Shepherd, he was born in Nottingham in 1813 and came to Australia on the Lord Melville in October 1830. He was sentenced in Nottingham Quarter sessions 7 and a half months earlier, my question is how can I find out his details, as they must be in the convict court records. He would have had parents and siblings somewhere.I have traced his life here in Australia to his marriage and the birth of 12 children but would like to give my file the last missing link. Pamela Shepherd
  • Looking for descendants of Thomas HATCH & his wife Susan
  • Posted by Maureen White on December 24th 2003
  • Can you help I am looking for the descendants of Thomas HATCH, who was born about 1794. He married someone named Susan (her maiden name is unknown) & one of their children was Edward J. HATCH, born 1815 in Blandford Dorset, England. Thanks Maureen White .
  • (Also see next entry)
  • Looking for Parents & siblings of James WHITE b.1846 & his brother William WHITE b.1848
  • Posted by Maureen White on December 24th 2003 (Also see above entry)
  • Looking for information regarding the parents, siblings & family of James WHITE b.1846 Aberdeen. Jamesí occupation was a ship rivetter, he married Margaret Ann JOHNSON b.1846 Hylton, Sunderland. I would also like to find details of James and Margaretís marriage.
  • Also looking for information regarding Jamesí brother, William WHITE b.1848 Scotland who married  Mary (Surname Unknown) b.1849 Newcastle, Northumberland. In the 1881 census, I have found them both living together at 49 Rutland St, Bishops Wearmouth, Durham ... where did they live before that? Many Thanks, Maureen
  • Looking for information on Walter GIBBS born Newark, Notts c.1855
  • Posted by Brian Dean on 9th December 2003
  • I'm looking for any information on Walter GIBBS. According to the 1901 census, Walter GIBBS was born in Newark, Notts, about 1855/6, i.e.. he was 45 yrs. old in 1901. His occupation was given as a Railway Clerk in Islington. Thanks, Brian Dean, BC. Canada
  • Looking for Kathleen REYNOLDS born 1943 & her son Steven born 1960-61
  • Posted by Joep van de Meerendonk on 8th December 2003
  • I'm looking for Kathleen REYNOLDS born in 1943, her son is Steven REYNOLDS (born 1960 or 1961). She once lived in Cumbria and later on moved to London. If you happen to know these persons, could you please bring me in contact or send me some information. Many thanks, Joep van de Meerendonk
  • Looking for info. regarding the SOUTHGATE family of Creeting, Suffolk & also from Surrey
  • Posted by Pam Taylor on the 8th December 2003
  • Can anyone help ... Iím looking for information regarding the SOUTHGATE family of Creeting, Suffolk? John SOUTHGATE was born about 1827 at Creeting. He married Emma BROWN in Surrey in 1857. John was the son of Richard [and probably Martha] Richard was born in Suffolk about 1801. John lived his married life in Surrey and Richard is living with him according to the 1871 census as a widow. Many Thanks, Pam Taylor
  • Looking for ancestors/descendants of Marjorie Helen HOWITT (Parents Albert & Emmarittia)
  • Posted by Liz on 5th December 2003
  • I am looking for ancestors or descendants of Marjorie Helen HOWITT born 1905 in St Aspah, Wales. In 1930 she was living in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.  Her father was Albert HOWITT born 1866 and her mother was Emmarittia HOWITT (nee HURST).  Marjorie had 4 brothers, Albert born 1895, Ralph born 1897, Charles born 1899 and Wilfred Wynne H. HOWITT born 1908. Any information appreciated, Thanks Liz
  • Looking for information regarding Sarah SPEARS who married John BARRS in 1727
  • Posted by Al Barrs on 4th December 2003
  • I am trying to find information on Sarah SPEARS who married John BARRS (b.5th Mar 1727) in Toft Hamlet (Dunchurch Village) Warwickshire, in February 1749. We believe Sarah SPEARS may have been born about 1730. They were married in February 1749 in the St. Peters and St. Pauls Parish Church of Aston Juxta Birmingham England before sailing to America. Many Thanks, Al Barrs
  • Looking for info. regarding Henry & Caroline KING & dau Maria HOLLAND (nee KING)
  • Posted by Sharon on the 27th November 2003
  • Searching for information relating to Henry KING and Caroline (maiden name unknown). Their daughter Maria was born 1850 at Chelmondiston, Suffolk, England & she married Frank Lefevre HOLLAND in 1876 and they later moved to Australia. Maria died 1930 Brunswick, Victoria Australia Aged 90. Many thanks, Sharon
  • Searching for information regarding Charles HUNT & his parents John & Ann HUNT
  • Posted by Leonard Hunt on 22nd November 2003
  • Searching for information on Charles HUNT born Kensington, Middlesex, England on July 18th 1833 and the son of John and Ann HUNT. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada about 1856. Was a Crimean war veteran. Possibly born in a workhouse and/or orphaned, not sure. Any info appreciated. Thank you - Leonard Hunt
  • Looking for information regarding Elizabeth Rose MAMBY & Mr. ?? KEELEY
  • Posted by [email protected] on 18th November 2003
  • Looking for information regarding the KEELEY & MAMBY families. Elizabeth Rose MAMBY had a baby with Mr. KEELEY [Forename Unknown]; they had a son called Charles Albert KEELEY in June 1909 & he grew up in Saxmundham, Suffolk. He was brought up by other family members possibley an Aunt? His parents never married, Thanks - [email protected]
  • Looking for descendants of Thomas MacDONALD & his father Andrew MacDONALD
  • Posted by Nick Drew on the 17th November 2003
  • I am looking for my descendants of my Mothers Father. His name is Thomas MacDONALD & his Fathers name was Andrew MacDONALD, he was born in (or around) 1905. We are assuming he has now passed on, but you never know he could still be alive. Thanks for your help, Nick Drew
  • Iím looking for info. regarding the HAMBLEY family of St. Austell, Cornwall & Alabama, USA
  • Posted by Mildred Thomas Kent on the 16th November 2003
  • I would like to correspond with anyone who has information on the HAMBLEY Family. William John HAMBLEY b. 1835 Cornwall? d.abt 1900 Jefferson Co, Alabama, USA , son of Richard, m. abt 1860 England. Ann TINNEY b. 1840 St Austell Parish Cornwall d. 1930 Jefferson Co, Alabama, USA, dau of Thomas and Johanna Short TINNEY. Many Thanks, Mildred Thomas Kent
  • Looking for info. regarding Stephen & Susan THOMPSON & family of Downs area, Ireland
  • Posted by Joan Finlay on November 10th 2003
  • Information required regarding Family History of Stephen and Susan THOMPSON, parents of Susannah THOMPSON born about 1847, they lived Downs Ireland. Thanks, Joan Finlay
  • Looking for info. regarding Samuel FINLAY & Eleanor nee. HAMILTON of Downs area, Ireland
  • Posted by Joan Finlay on November 10th 2003
  • Looking for information regarding the families of FINLAY & HAMILTON from Downs, Ireland. Samuel FINLAY and Eleanor nee HAMILTON born about 1814 (who were their parents) or any family information. Lived Tullyish Downs area Ireland. Thanks Joan Finlay
  • Looking for Ancestors or Descendant of Charles BOREHAM of East Bergholt, Suffolk
  • Posted by Johann Groot on November 9th 2003
  • I'm looking for information, ancestors or descendants of Charles BOREHAM, born East Bergholt of Suffolk in 1820. Any information welcomed, Thanks
  • Looking for John SELLARS (or SELLERS) of Derbyshire & wife Ann BARRITT of Lancs
  • Posted by Leonie Sellars on November 8th 2003
  • I'm looking for John SELLARS (SELLERS) who was born in Derbyshire probably around 1740 and moved to Worsley (Lancs) to work on the Bridgewater Canal.  He was possibly a miner.  In 1766 he married Ann BARRITT of Worsley - From Leonie Sellars.
  • Looking for Jean BENNISTON & her daughter Donna - Last known address Mansfield, Notts
  • Posted by [email protected] on November 5th 2003
  • I'm looking for Jean BENNISTON born Derby approximately 1948. Known to residing in Mansfield , Nottinghamshire in 1991. Known to have one daughter Donna aged approx 28 who I would very much like to contact.
  • Looking for Abe Freeman WOODHOUSE & his family - Last known address Leeds, Yorkshire
  • Posted by [email protected] on November 5th 2003
  • Abe Freeman WOODHOUSE and or his children or siblings, born St Catherine Jamaica . Aged early 60's. Lived in Cardiff Wales, early 70's. Last known address to be Leeds. Has sister Sylvia living in in West Palm Beach, Florida and other sisters in New York also relatives in London and a sister in Nottingham. Met once the week of Princess Dianaís funeral in London but lost contact.
  • Looking for friends or descendants of my Grandfather: Benjamin George CLARK of Hoyland
  • Posted by S & K Fraser on November 4th 2003
  • I'm looking for any descendants or friends of my Grandfather - Benjamin George CLARK of Hoyland Near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
  • Looking for children of William George OAKES
  • Posted by Janice on 2nd November 2003
  • I am looking for my half brothers and sisters who are the children of William George OAKES he was born in 1933 and died 1974 ... Many Thanks Janice
  • Looking for Harry & Lily GARRETT originally from Tottenham, London
  • Posted by David & Beryl Snowsill on 2nd November 2003
  • Harry and Lily GARRETT (brother and sister) years of birth 1935 and 1937. Lived at Downhills Park Road, Tottenham, London, 1942 to 1950 or later. Went to Belmont School and Tottenham County School. Thanks, David and Beryl Snowsill

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