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  • Seeking ATKINSON, BEIGHTON & BULLETT families ... & their ancestors & descendants
  • Posted by Wendy Metcalf on 19th June 2005
  • Hello, my name is Wendy METCALF (nee ATKINSON) my parents were Norman ATKINSON & May ATKINSON (nee BULLETT). My dad was born on 4th September 1913 & my Mum on the 4th May 1911. My dad's parents were Robert Oates ATKINSON & his Mother was called Annie but unfortunately I never knew her maiden name. My Father's parent's both passed away many year's ago and were living in Harrogate at the time; they are buried in Stonefall Cemetery, Harrogate. My late Grandfather was a policeman, working the beat in Milnsbridge, I am told he was a Sergeant.
  • My Mum's parentís were John William (Jack) BULLETT & Elsie Ann BULLETT (nee BEIGHTON). My Mum's parent's lived in Longwood, most of their life. My own parent's were married at St. Mark's Church Longwood, on August 31st 1940. Both of my Parents are now deceased but I do know that my Father was an only child ... and my Mother had one sister called Kathleen (also deceased). I also remember that sometime after my Dad passed away (he died 26 years ago), that there was a programme on television, which was in connection with a Duke; during the programme, my Dad was mentioned ... but I cannot remember exactly what programme it was or which Duke? If anyone can help me with any information regarding any of the above mentioned people, please contact me as I would like to find as much information as possible ... I would also love to find any other surviving descendants ... I look forward to hearing from anyone with details to share. Thank you so much, Wendy Metcalf
  • Looking for information regarding Henry DAWSON and Edith EDWARDS & their family
  • Posted by Jenette on June 18th 2005
  • Seeking Henry DAWSON, who was my Grandfather's brother. Henry was born 1871 at Milton, Berkshire, his parents were John & Eliza DAWSON. Henry married Edith EDWARDS in 1891 at Westminster, daughter of Francis and Eliza EDWARDS of Larling, Norfolk. Henry worked on the railway as a platelayer at Milton (in 1893) when their first son William John was born; he was still a platelayer when John Henry was born at Milton in 1894. The 1901 census shows the family living at Water Eaton, near Oxford. Henry was at this time working as a shepherd and it s here that Fredrick, Edith and Albert were all born. Albert the youngest, was born 1901; Fredrick died at Water Eaton in 1900. I have not been able to locate any of this family since the 1901 census, I have looked on shipping records, but I just come up against that brick wall. I would be most grateful for any information about this family. Thank you & regards, Jenette in Australia
  • Looking for details & information regarding KENT (or THENT) family of Suffolk (UK) & Australia
  • Posted by Elizabeth Curtain on June 18th 2005
  • Looking for a Thomas KENT (or THENT) and his wife Susan KENT (nee CHAMBERS). Susan was possibly born at North Tuddenham in Norfolk 1797 and Thomasí death appears to be before census of 1861; they were both in the village of Wangford by Southwold and I assume that he died there. Unsure whether he had a business in the town or whether he was a clergyman or teacher like his son. In the 1861 census, a Susan  KENT turns up in the Suffolk town of Beccles & I assume this is the same woman; she is listed as a lodging house keeper (Ballygate St) ... but an earlier census gives her occupation as a school head mistress ... again I'm guessing the earlier census is the correct Susan. They were married on the 5th of March 1824 in the village of Wangford by Southwold, Suffolk.
  • Thomas & Susan were the parents of my great great grandfather the Reverend Samuel Chambers KENT, who was christened at Wangford by Southwold on 2nd January 1826 (according to LDS and certificate info from Australian registrations) & he died at 8 Murray St Elsternwick/Carlton Melbourne Victoria Australia in 1911 aged 85 yrs & buried St Kilda cemetery (Melbourne, Vic) with his third wife; he had 15-16 children with his first two wives. His wives were: (1) Emily Deacon MARCH, in 1850 at Lambeth Surrey ... (2) Charlotte Eliza WILSON nee CHAPMAN; Samuel was her second husband and her 1st husband was Andrew WILSON (in 1853) & Charlotte & Andrew had one child. Charlotte later married Samuel in 1869 (Newtown) Sydney NSW Australia ...(3) Elizabeth Raymond BUXTON, married 1881 at Albert Park Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • (Reverend) Samuel Chambers KENT was the first pastor of the Newtown (Sydney) Congregational Church and Principal/founder of Camden College-now the United Theological Collage North Parramatta Sydney NSW Australia & they have a large oil painting/portrait of him in their library. He also has several references made to him on the Newtown Project (Sydney history) site. He arrived there in 1855 ships "Pacific and Governor General 111Ē.  Had second son in Barnstaple Devon Sept 1853 (Sydney Architect) Harry Chambers KENT but don't know where Frederick Deacon Kent 1851-1925 was born, though he was a solicitor. The Victorian state library has a picture of him on their on-line archive. He switched to the Anglican church for the last approx. 30 years of his life.
  • I can't see any links to other members of this KENT family in the Wangford area that could be siblings or relations of these three-not on the Australian available resources anyway. Seems to be a little unusual that Samuel Chambers KENT would have been an only child. But that's a whole other search. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards-Elizabeth Curtain -Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia.
  • Seeking information regarding family of Harold Alfred WATTS & Rose Gertrude WRENCHER
  • Posted by Kim Watts on April 10th 2005
  • I'm looking for any information regarding my grandfather and any of his relatives. His name is Harold Alfred WATTS, he died around 1946. He was married to Rose Gertrude WRENCHER, who died Feb. 1977. Harold & Rose had 12 children - Albert, Alfred, Ernest (had a twin that died at birth), Kenneth, Robert, David, Gertrude, Beatrice, Rose, Margaret and Marion ... unfortunately I don't have any more information at the moment, though I am looking. I would be very grateful if anyone has any other information no matter how small, as my father is Kenneth ... Many Thanks Kim Watts
  • Seeking info. regarding William WOODS & family of England (may be from Norfolk area)
  • Posted by Jerry Woods April 10th 2005
  • Looking for WOODS family - especially William WOODS born 1809 in England (possibly Norfolk area) ... he left England sometime prior to 1845, when he married Elizabeth CORRIGAN, in Ontario, Canada.  Thanks Jerry
  • Seeking information regarding BRYAN family of London, Lambeth, Gravesend & Brighton
  • Posted by Valerie Kehoe (nee Bryan) on April 10th 2005
  • Seeking BRYAN family of London, Lambeth, Gravesend and Brighton - including descendants & ancestors of Great Grandparents George and Mary Ann BRYAN around 1860's. Especially Thomas, George & Maud Jane (b.1889) ... Many Thanks Valerie Kehoe (nee Bryan)
  • Seeking relatives of William BURY from London. b.1749; emigrated to Maryland, USA in 1775
  • Posted by Ruth Bury on April 21st 2005
  • I am looking for relatives of William BURY of London, born 1749 & left later for Maryland on the Mermaid in May of 1775. Iíd really like to know, who were his parents; if he had siblings ... and if London is really his birth place? I know nothing about his English origins or the time before he arrived in Maryland, so any information would be much appreciated, Thanks Ruth Bury
  • Seeking descendants of George ROWBOTTOM & Louisa THOMLINSON nee RICHARDSON
  • Posted by Gayle Thompson on 25th April 2005
  • I am looking for descendents of George ROWBOTTOM and Louisa (THOMLINSON nee RICHARDSON). The  1901 Census shows the family living at 141 Albert Street, Kingston upon Hull, at which time Louisa TOMLINSON had two daughters Jessica (age 16) and Maud (age 14). George and Louisa's childred are - George (age 10) / John (age 9) / Ivy (age 7) / Minnie (my grandmother age 1 yr. 11 mth.) and Irene (age 9 mth.)  George ROWBOTTOM was born in 1867 In Brigg, Lincs ... and Louisa was born 1864 in Thealby?, Lincs.  George and his children came to Canada in 1913.  He returned to England with daughter Irene in late 1920's early l930's. I believe that Jessica and Maud TOMLINSON stayed in England.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have information about this family.  I am trying to put together my family tree and I would love to know if I still have relatives living in England.  Thanks, Gayle Thompson
  • Seeking information & details regarding three generations of John Lupton LISTER
  • Posted by Jennifer Southorn on April 25th 2005
  • We are seeking information & contacts regarding the following three generations of John Lupton LISTER in our family (plus their ancestors & descendants).
  • (1) John Lupton LISTER (1842- 1883) married Susanna SHEPHERD.
  • (2) John Lupton LISTER (1876-???), schoolmaster at King's School, Grantham, Lincolnshire and married Eleanor Charlton HOUGHTON.
  • (3) John Lupton LISTER (1905-???). Colonial Service, Nigeria  and married Felicite Rosamond Frances WISTANLEY.
    These LISTER family members had connections with Pentrich and Norton, Derbyshire; Birkenhead and Hoole, Cheshire; Brighton, Sussex; Pembroke, Wales; Grantham, Lincolnshire ... & the Walton Upon Thames area of Surrey.If anyone has information on any of the John Lupton Listerís detailed - or their descendants, I should be happy to exchange details with the information I know already. Thank you in advance, Jennifer Southorn
  • Seeking BROOKS Hayfield area from 1800 onwards - especially Joseph Henry BROOKS
  • Posted by Samantha Wilkinson on May 1st 2005
  • Iím looking for any info on any BROOKS living around Hayfield area 1800 onwards, especially baptism of Joseph Henry Brooks, any help appreciated, Thanks.
  • Seeking descendants of James John BREWER ... & BREWER connections in Suffolk & Norfolk
  • Posted by Ross Ellery on May 5th 2005
  • I'm looking for any descendants of one James John BREWER whose occupation was a Brace or Harness Maker, probably resident in Beccles, Suffolk circa 1855. His wife died circa 1869 and they did have a son, John James BREWER, who was born at Beccles in 1857. He was later abandoned, and taken onto the training ship, ĎChichesterí which was for homeless boys. Apparently he had three brothers. Any assistance from a BREWER connection in the Suffolk/Norfolk area would be appreciated. John was my G-G-Grandfather who settled here in Australia. Many Thanks, Ross Ellery
  • Seeking information regarding Eliza PERRY & Matthew MARSHALL & their family (London)
  • Posted by Marion Tong on May 31st 2005
  • I am looking for Ancestors or any other information about Eliza PERRY b.about 1826 at Upton St.Leonards, Gloucestershire.  Eliza married Matthew MARSHALL (b.1812 Saltby,Leicestershire), in London, either Wandsworth or Lambeth area.  First sighting of Eliza and Matthew MARSHALL is on the 1861 census in the eccliastical district of Brixton, Lambeth.  Four daughters were listed, Elizabeth MARSHALL 8, Rachael MARSHALL 6, Charlotte MARSHALL 4, (these three were born in Streatham) and Ann MARSHALL 2 was born in Peckham, London.  Eliza and Matthew MARSHALL also appear on the 1871 census (Clapham, All Saints area)  with two further daughters, Amelia MARSHALL 7, born Lambeth and Lucy Clarice MARSHALL 3, born Lambeth. On the 1881 census (Stockwell, Lambeth area) Matthew and Eliza appear with Lucy aged 13 and a Granddaughter, Daisy aged 9mth.  Any information either ascendent or descendent would be most helpful. Thank you, Marion Tong

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