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  • Seeking info re: John William CLARKE born c.1865 at Kiverton Park; later married Louisa
  • Posted by [email protected] on March 30th 2005
  • Can any one help me?  I am seeking information regarding John William CLARK(E). He was born approx. 1865 according to the cenus of 1891 and 1901, and at a place called Kiverton Park. He married Louisa ??? from Brownhills, Staffordshire and they ... (1) William born approx 1887, who was born in either North Wingfield or Pilsley depending on which census you look at ... (2) Lily born in 1889 also in North Wingfield, but she must have died young as there is no mention of her on the 1901 census ... (3) James born 1891 but not mentioned on the census, he is listed has been born in Pilsley. John William worked as a Coal miner and died in 1940 at Goldthorpe, though was buried in Bolton on Dearne. Any additional information would be grateful. Thanks.
  • Seeking details regarding parents of James (c.1845) and Patrick (c.1848) NEALIS/ NELLIS
  • Posted by Joan Arnold on March 25th 2005
  • I am trying to find details regarding the parents of James (c.1845) and Patrick (c.1848) NEALIS/ NELLIS. Elizabeth ? & James NEALIS/ NELLIS. Believed to come from Tipperary, Ireland; though lived in Cheshiire, England around 1871 onwards. Thank You Joan
  • Seeking info re: my Grandmother's brother, Douglas Charles STOLWORTHY b.1890, Leyton
  • Posted by Margaret Buckley on March 25th 2005
  • I am looking for my Grandmother's brother, Douglas Charles STOLWORTHY, he was born in 1890 at Leyton. He is believed to have died in August 1908 at Bath but family story says he was buried in Mesopotamia, however there has been no death record found at Bath. It is possible he was in the Navy and died following an accident. I would appreciate any help with this mystery; if anyone has any information please email me. Thanks Margaret Buckley
  • Arthur Edward JENKINS, son of James & Minnie Kate JENKINS (nee Townsend), born Bristol
  • Posted by Lorraine Bisner on 17th March 2005
  • My Dad, his brother and sister were taken from their family at very early ages and sent to Canada as British Home children in 1905 and 1908. We have the history of the three sent and we have recently located survivors of another child, Mary Elizabeth, who was born in 1905. Now we have learned that there was a fifth child, Arthur Edward Jenkins, born in 1900 in Bristol, England to Minnie Kate Townsend Jenkins and James Jenkins. We believe that Arthur died in Haverfordwest, Dyfed, Wales in 1985 because all we know about Arthur, regards when & where he was born and died ... though he is thought to have run away to Wales when he was about 14 and apparently he remained there till his death. Is there anyone out there with any knowledge of this family, and could help us locate the survivors of Arthur ... Finding Arthur's family would be the final missing link in our family. Once again, Arthur Edward Jenkins, was born on 22 Jan 1900 to James Jenkins and Minnie Kate Jenkins (formerly Townsend) in Bristol, England. I am the daughter of William Jenkins, the 3rd child born to the family and we now live in the USA. Many Thaks for any assistance you can give in this matter, Lorraine Bisner.
  • Seeking details regarding Georgina CROOK who married John Usher MARTIN abt 1917-1919
  • Posted by Cathie Mills on March 13th 2005
  • I am trying to find my mother's maternal ancestors - her mother's maiden name was Georgina CROOK and she was born in Manchester around 1900. She married John Usher MARTIN between 1917-1919. My son would like to add her details to those of his father's side. Look forward to hearing from anyone able to supply details or information. Many Thanks, Cathie Mills
  • Seeking connections to Herbert HAFFNER & his family from Derby
  • Posted by Jane Reid on March 7th 2005
  • I am looking for the parents of Herbert HAFFNER who lived at 18 Curzon Street in Derby. He was a builder by trade and had two daughters by his wife Thirza. Herbert died on the 6th of September 1873.  His daughters were Emma and Thirza and by 1873 Emma was married to John WEBB but Thirza was still under 21yrs of age. The HAFFNERr family were in the Swarkston area of Derby, around this
    time. Many thanks for any information anyone is able to pass on, Regards Jane Reid
  • Seeking COTTON family of Grudisburgh, Suffolk & emigrated to USA (Cook County, IL)
  • Posted by Robert Ongenae on March 7th 2005
  • Seeking connections to the following COTTON family members:
  • George COTTON  (son of William) was born 1815 in Great Bealings, Suffolk and died 1892 in Grundisburgh, Suffolk. He married Deborah BAKER Jun 8th 1840 in Summerset, Woodbridge, England/ Wales. She was born Apr 8th 1821 in Grudisburgh, Suffolk. It is also known that George was a Railroad Worker. They had the following children (1) Philip COTTON, b. 1840; m. Susan BROOM. Philip was Christened Oct 18th 1840 at Grundisburgh, Suffolk ... (2) Samuel COTTON, b. 1842; m. Caroline. Samuel was Christened Nov 27th 1842 at Grundisburgh, Suffolk ... (3) Daniel COTTON, b. 1847, Grudisburgh, Suffolk ... (4) James COTTON, b. 1849 & Christened: Jan 27th 1850 at Grundisburgh, Suffolk; he went on to marry ELIZABETH ... (5) Fredrick COTTON, b. 1851 and Christened Nov 16th 1851, Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England. Immigrated in 1879. He married Jenny DURTELL, Nov 14th 1874, Cook County, IL USA; (b. 1846; d. Dec 22nd 1882, Cook County IL USA. Fredrick died July 3rd 1915, Cook County IL USA ... (6) Emma COTTON, b. 1854 and Christened May 21st 1854 at Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England. She died 1858 ... (7) George COTTON, b. Nov 27, 1856, Suffolk, England; d. Aug 8th 1918, 716 Bringhurst, Logansport, IN. USA ... (8) Eliza COTTON, b. 1859; m. George COPPING, 1882; d. 1930, Woodstock, Ontario. Eliza was Christened on May 15th 1859 also at Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England ... (9) Emily COTTON, b. 1861.
  • Seeking William WILLERTON m. Ann KERCHEVAL & researchers of the WILLERTON surname
  • Posted by Kevin & Lynne Hyde on March 7th 2005
  • I am looking for anybody researching the WILLERTON surname. Specifically looking for connections to
    William WILLERTON who married Ann KERCHEVAL in Burton 1774. Thanks, Kevin and Lynne.
  • Seeking connections to Mr. WILLIAMSON, a military man in 1940s, from Stockbridge, Scotland
  • Posted by Eleanor MacPherson on 25th February 2005
  • I am looking for a person with the last name WILLIAMSON; not likely to be living now but maybe some of his family are still around. My mother Margaret Anderson CAMERON worked for this family during the 1940's as a domestic servant and I think they were located in Stockbridge, Scotland. The man I seek information about was apparently high up in the military. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eleanor MacPherson
  • Seeking relatives & connections to John Nairn TUDDENHAM, b. 1898 in Saint Pollock, Scotland
  • Posted by Elaine Harris on 25th February 2005
  • I am looking for any relatives old and new of John Nairn TUDDENHAM who was born 1898 in Saint Pollock, Scotland. His father was Frederiick John NAIRN who was married to Violet MERRETT in London, 1919. Thanks for any help
  • Iím looking for info. regarding Arthur William COX Snr. & his son Arthur William COX Jnr.
  • Posted by Steve on February 22nd 2005
  • I am looking for information & connections to my Great Grandfather Arthur William COX ... all I know is that he was dead by 1938; I believe he also served in the 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. He had one son, also named Arthur William COX and I have been unable to find any information regarding them ... therefore any help or information would be very greatful. Regards Steve
  • Iím looking for ancestral connections to John ASHLEY & Jane COOPER born abt. 1625
  • Posted by Mary Ashley Pepper on February 21st 2005
  • I am seeking connections and ancestral details regarding the family of John ASHLEY and Jane COOPER, born abt. 1625 and came to Colonies in 1650. Look forward to hearing from anyone with information. Many Thanks, Mary Ashley Pepper
  • Iím looking for the BATHE Family; specifically for Archibald Edward BATHE born c. 1869-70
  • Posted by Carla Trueman on February 14th 2005
  • I am looking for the BATHE Family; specifically for Archibald Edward BATHE who married in 1895, Manchester, England and died in 1898, also at Manchester, England. I have no birth or christening information but according to both marriage & death certificates this places his birth about 1869/70. On his marriage certificate his father is given as Archibald Maximilian BATHE, occupation "Queens Council" and he was deceased at the time of his sons marriage. I have no other information on Archibald Maximilian BATHE.
  • I have looked at the civil registration with no success. Also I have done searches on census records and am ploughing through each image of 1891 Ardwick, Lancashire, at the moment no success. I don't know which parish records to go to first. Could anyone please help. Many Thanks, Carla Trueman (Mrs).
  • Seeking BORLEY family of Suffolk; especially family of William BORLEY & his dau Matilda
  • Posted by Ellen Sedgman on 9th February 2005
  • I am looking for William BORLEY born abt.1822 at Long Melford and his daughter Matilda born Bury circa late 1840's; the 1881 census states William BORLEY was a policeman. Daughter Matilda married Frederick TROLLOP in Norfolk. Can anyone help me please? Maybe the 1851 or 1861 census? Many Thanks, Ellen Sedgman in Australia
  • I'm Looking for WINTON or WINTIN family members from Navenby, Lincs 1700's."
  • Posted by Ivor Winton on February 9th 2005
  • Seeking WINTON / WINTIN from Navenby Lincs 1700's ... John WINTON b.1798 married Mary ??? They lived in Great Hale and I have evidence of 5 children from 1824 to 1840; at present anything else that can help us until we can get to LFH offices, will be gratefully received. Thanks Ivor Winton
  • Seeking connections to the MOSSES family including artist Alexander MOSSES b. late 18thC
  • Posted by Trevor Mosses on February 2005
  • I am looking for any family connections for my family name MOSSES. In particular for those members of the family who lived in the areas of Lincolnshire and North East of England. In addition I am looking for any information on my family in the Everton area of Liverpool before 1837 with connections to the artist Alexander MOSSES born in that area in the late 18th Century. Many Thanks, Trevor Mosses.
  • Seeking WILMOT, WILMOTH & WILMOTT ; especially Richard WILMOT of Derbyshire
  • Posted by Mary Ellen Wilmoth on January 29th 2005
  • We have recently learned that we may be descended from a Robert or Richard WILMOT of Derbyshire, England who wrote to a Louis WILMOTH in Rappanonock, Virginia about 1697.  Would like to exchange info with anyone who might know about this family and its connection to the Virginia colony, possibly a member of one of the Jamestown Virginia companies.  Thank You, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Angus R. Jr.) Wilmoth Waldorf, Maryland. E-mail: [email protected]
  • Seeking information regarding Robert TOYNE(S) or his children & ancestors of Lincolnshire
  • Posted by Rita Gunn on January 28th 2005
  • If anyone could please help Iíd be very grateful, I am looking for information regarding Robert TOYNE who was  married to someone named Ann, he surname is unknown! (IGI 1881c) Robert would have been born abt 1780's and in the Lincolnshire area. Robertís children were born around the Broxholme/Lissington area. Children are: ... Mary born abt 1805 ... Francis born abt 1807 ... Charlotte born abt 1811 ... I think there may have also been a daughter named Hannah, born abt 1815. I am very interested in any information regarding these TOYNES especially any information about Robert TOYNE. Thanks & Best Wishes, Rita (Western Australia)
  • Seeking ancestors of my great grandfather, Edward HUGHES who married Jane STARBUCK
  • Posted by Frank Wood on January 23rd 2005
  • I am having difficulty in finding my great and great great grandfathers. The latter served with the 12th Light Dragoons from 1805 until his retirement in 1823. He went through the Pensinsular War and Waterloo. His son my great grandfather Edward married Jane STARBUCK from Ilkeston and lived in Nottingham and sired my grandfather Edward HUGHES whom married Pheobe BUTLER and they too lived in Nottingham. Can anyone help in any way? Thanks Frank
  • Seeking information regarding Amelia ĎMillieí REEVE b. Hornchuch, Essex; moved to Canada
  • Posted by Sue Bradbury on January 23rd 2005 
  • I am looking for information on Amelia Reeve born 1883 in Hornchurch, Essex. Her parents being Henry Reeve b 1845 Belchamp Walter, Essex and Mary Ann Reeve nee Tuffin b 1843 Wickham St Paul, Essex. I have information that Amelia "known as Millie" emigrated to Canada in the early part of the 1900s. She had a sister named Sarah Jane b 1879 who married Lewis Harrington in 1906 in Hornchurch and Amelia was a witness along with a Charles Fell. It is a family belief that Millie married someone named Charles and I always assumed it was Charles Fell but have been unable to find any information regarding their marriage or whereabouts in Canada.  It could be that she left England before getting wed or maybe she married someone else and not Charles Fell. I do know that she had children/grandchildren born in Canada and would love to know who they are. Her father Henry died in 1902, mother Mary Ann died 1915, sister Sarah Jane died in 1930 all in Hornchurch. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Many thanks, Sue Bradbury
  • Seeking info. & family of John & Elizabeth GRANT & their son George James GRANT
  • Posted by Eileen Shipp (nee Grant) on January 19th 2005
  • Seeking information regarding John GRANT (Mariner) & his wife Elizabeth. I have a baptism for their son (my 3xGt.Grandfather) George James GRANT on the 11th July 1819 at St. Johns, Thanet. However I cannot find a marriage for John and Elizabeth. I would really like to know if they had other children. If anyone can help, Iíd much appreciate it. Eileen Shipp (nee Grant)
  • Seeking ancestors of John JORDAN & family of Wenhaston area, Suffolk, England ... & Canada
  • Posted by Phil Jordan on January 10th 2005
  • Looking for information on John JORDAN, born ca. 28 Feb, 1792 in Wenhaston, Suffolk, England. He married 1st wife Sarah CHALKER & 2nd wife Eleanor DANFORD; they were married in St. Peter's church. John JORDAN was a teacher and lived on the grounds of St. Peter's church before migrating to Canada ca. 1836. John had several children in the Wenhaston area. The name of Nathaniel was listed on John's indenture & I think this was his fathers name. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been searching for over 30 years now for John's ancestors. Many Thanks, Phil Jordan from Massachusetts, USA
  • Seeking George TAYLOR & wife Mary TAYLOR; connections to Clowne & Bolsover... & USA
  • Posted by Linda Haviland on 28th December 2004
  • I'm looking for the families of George TAYLOR (born around 1826) and his wife, Mary TAYLOR (born around 1828). I have only been able to find that George's father was Thomas and Mary's father was John TAYLOR, and to get the birth record of their son John, (my great-grandfather), who was born October 13, 1851 in Clowne. George took his family to the U.S.A. by 1870, and the U.S. Censusí for 1870 and 1880 in Connecticut list an Emily, born around 1850, as a daughter in 1870, but she's not there in 1880. Aside from my ancestor John, the other children of George and Mary were Charlotte and Sarah TAYLOR, born around 1863 and 1865. The birth record for the younger John states that there is a  connection to Bolsover. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it, as I don't know where else to turn from here in the U.S.  Thanks very much. Linda Haviland ... e-mail: [email protected]
  • Seeking Robert & William CROWDER c.1640, & other CROWDER/CROWTERís in Wiltshire area
  • Posted by Patricia Crowder Yaw on 16th December 2004
  • I am searching for ancestors of Robert and William CROWDER c.1640 who came to America 1668 and 1673 sponsored by Captain HENRY and Thomas BATTE c.1630. They were the sons of John BATTE c.1580 son of Rev. Robert BATTE, who died December 1st 1617 and left a will in Newton Tony, Wiltshire, England ... naming John and Anthony CROWDER c.1600 brothers. I am interested in all records with surnames CROWDER/CROWTER in Wiltshire and surrounding shires from 1580 to 1660. Thanks, Patricia Crowder Yaw
  • Looking for ANGLESS family from Liverpool area of England
  • Posted by Veta Salubi on 12th December 2004
  • My name is Akpoveta SALUBI, my mother's maiden name is ANGLESS. My great grandfather ANGLESS left Liverpool, England and came to Nigeria in the early '20's with the railroad company. If anyone has any details to share regarding the ANGLESS family, please contact me by my email link given above. Thanks, Veta
  • Seeking information regarding SPROWCET & RANESGATE, two place names in Suffolk
  • Posted by Ronald Davidson 7th December 2004
  • I am looking for any information regarding two place names in Suffolk. On the census returns they appear to be ĎSPROWCETí and ĎRANESGATEí. Has anyone got any information or suggestions please? Many Thanks
  • Seeking COATES / COATS family ... specifically Charles E. COATES & wife Ellen TAYLOR
  • Posted by Donna Mollaun on 4th December 2004
  • Looking for a connection to the COATES family in England. My great, great-grandparents sailed from Liverpool to New York harbor in January 1863. They were married in a "Bushberry" Church on Christmas day 1862, a few weeks prior to their departure. Witnesses at their wedding were Charles TAYLOR and Mary LAWRENCE. My grandfather was listed as a coal miner on the manifest, so he  must have been from a coal mining region in England and I have two possibilities: Staffordshire or Warwickshire, from a naturalization application and family lore. His name was Charles E. COATES and his wife was Ellen TAYLOR. I can be contacted by email link above, or by writing to:
  • Address: Donna  Mollaun, 5690 Elm Hill Lane, Fairfield, Ohio 45014,  USA
  • Seeking information about BEEVER(S) & MELLOR(S) families of Nottinghamshire
  • Posted by Sheila Beevers on 3rd December 2004
  • BEEVER(S) ... Some lived in Marecroft Worksop in late 1800's and early 1900's and some in Newark Notts early 1900s and came from Potter Hill Yorks also.
  • MELLOR(S) ... Searching for info on the parents of Lily MELLOR (or MELLORS) born 1901/2  in Newark  brought up by Grandma SMITH.
  • I am trying to trace who the parents were, of my grandmother Lily MELLOR(S) born Newark area of Notts around 1901/02. Her children have been unable to supply any other family details and they only remember she was brought up by a lady called Grandma SMITH & that Lily was born in the Newark area. Lily married Harold BEEVERS, born at Worksop 1901/02, & their children are: Stanley, Harold Edward and Robert. Harold was a postman at one time and then worked for Ransom Marles, where he had an accident slipping on some ball bearings and damaging his back. He needed an operation for this and died on the operating table following a heart attack. Kind regards, Sheila Beevers
  • looking for DIXON family, of Henry J. DIXON, a silver manufacturer in Sheffield. 1821-1912
  • Posted by Marj Smith, Ontario, Canada on December 3rd 2004
  • I am looking for information on Henry J. DIXON, a silver manufacturer in sheffield. 1821 - 1912, and the DIXON family. His grand daughter Dorothy and her three sisters Annie, Edith, and Bertha lived at Stumperlowe Hall, Upper Hallam. Who were their parents? What happened to Dorothy? Did she by any chance leave Sheffield around 1905 and 'disappear''?  Are there any descendents of Henry?   
    Thanks Marj Smith, Ontario, Canada
  • Seeking info. regarding the SHORE and COBB families from the Sutton in Ashfield, Notts
  • Posted by Katy & Ian Shore on December 1st 2004
  • We are currently researching the SHORE and COBB families from the Sutton in Ashfield area of Nottinghamshire & would like to hear from anyone who has details to share. Kind Regards, Katy & Ian Shore
  • Seeking info regarding Jacob BALL & Hannah CARRINGTON & their family, from Belper, DBY
  • Originally posted by Mark Bringhurst on October 17th 2004 & revised November 19th 2004
  • I am seeking information regarding the parents and children of Jacob BALL (born in 1771) and Hannah CARRINGTON (born in 1775) both born in Belper, Derbyshire. I only know of one daughter the couple had, Ann (born 19 Feb 1797) who is my ancestor.  Any tips or leads would be most helpful, Thanks Mark Bringhurst
  • Looking for Samuel EDENS & the EDENS family from Mansfield area, Nottinghamshire
  • Revised posting by Ann Sutton on November 15th 2004 (See original posting below)
  • Iím looking for Samuel EDENS, son Charles and Grandaughter Mary, of Mansfield .. Mary was born about 1878 and married George WOODCOCK, in 1901. Regards Ann
  • Seeking the EDENS family from Mansfield & Mansfield Woodhouse area, Notts
  • Originally posted by Ann Sutton on October 24th 2004 (see revised posting above)
  • I am looking for EDENS of Mansfield or Mansfield Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire; Grandmother Mary EDENS born 1877/78 & father Charles EDENS. Thanks, Ann Sutton
  • Looking for ancestors of William John Brignall LEYBURN, born Durham area 1875
  • Posted by William Leyburn on November 8th 2004
  • Iím looking for the ancestors & family of William John Brignall LEYBURN, who was born in the Durham area 1875.
  • Seeking birth parents or relatives of Craig Daniel Dennis KAY
  • Posted by Emma Dickinson on November 4th 2004
  • Urgently seeking information regarding the birth parents and possible surviving siblings of Craig Daniel Dennis KAY. Please, if anyone has any info - please email me at: [email protected] ... Your privacy will be respected if anyone contacts me. This info is requested as a matter of urgency as we are trying to find out medical history. Many thanks
  • Seeking info. regarding L. A. NEWBOLD, son of May ROBINSON (Lincolnshire)
  • Posted by Roy Robinson on November 2nd 2004
  • I'm looking for information on L.A.NEWBOLD (Could be Leslie. Arthur. Newbold) Possibly born c.1916-1917 at Stamford Lincolnshire. England. He was residing at the George Hotel in Stamford. Lincs in April 1955 when he registered the death of his mother May ROBINSON. He could have been in the employ of the George Hotel at that time. Any assistance with my request would be very much appreciated. Regards, Roy
  • Looking for info regarding Ernest James NICKELSON, born East Ham July 22nd 1901
  • Posted by Alan Kimber-Nickelson on 2nd November 2004 (alternate email - click here)
  • Can anyone help me find the whereabouts of Mr Ernest James NICKELSON who possibly lived in the Essex area of London but was definately born in East Ham on the 22nd of July in 1901. His mother lived in Billericay, Essex in the 1950's. He served in the Royal Flying Corps in the first World War, I believe as a mechanical engineer, under canvas in northern France. He was injured but survived the war. I have an interest in tracing his family tree back as far as possible, and I need to at least find his mother's maiden name to give me a start. He was part of a large family. The above is all I know, so any information would be greatly appreciated.

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