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  • Seeking info. regarding John & Caroline WAUDBY of Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire (1810-90)
  • Posted by Julie Allen on October 26th 2004
  • I'm looking for information on the family of John & Caroline WAUDBY (nee MACINTIRE) of Kingston upon Hull. Parents of John, Henry, Mary Jane, Benjamin, Arthur, Joseph, Elizabeth & Walter (my great grandfather). I am particularly interested in finding out about the siblings and their descendants and when John & Caroline died and where they were laid to rest and Walter as well. The time frame I am looking at is 1810 to 1890, knowing that John Snr. died between 1861-1871 and was a marble mason. Many thanks, Julie Allen, Bathurst, NSW, Australia
  • Looking for connections and information regarding SECKER or MEACHEM families
  • Posted by Eric Secker on 14th October 2004
  • Looking for families of SECKER or MEACHEM, Thanks.
  • Seeking information regarding Rose NEWBOLD & Richard Henry ROBINSON (Stamford, Lincs)
  • Posted by Roy Robinson on 14th October 2004
  • Seeking information on Rose NEWBOLD & May NEWBOLD, Iím looking for any information on Rose NEWBOLD my half sister. She was born on the 28th June 1916 (would now be 88 years) and born at 6 School Terrace, Stamford in Lincolnshire. her parents were (Father) Arthur NEWBOLD & (Mother) May NEWBOLD, (nee DENNIS). Father was born 1886/7 Stamford, Lincs - Mother born 1892, at 6 School Terrace Stamford, Lincs. Both resided at 6 School Terrace with Mrs Elizabeth DENNIS (May NEWBOLD's mother) before Rose was born. Mother was residing at 40 North St. Stamford, Lincs when Rose was registered by her mother 14th July 1916. Arthur NEWBOLD married May DENNIS 2nd October 1915. Arthur was in a Lincolnshire Regiment and was killed in action in Belgium in 1917. May NEWBOLD (33) married again in 1925 to Richard Henry Robinson (34). He was a Builder's Labourer and resided at the Golden Fleece 18 Sheep Market, Stamford Lincs. Any help with information on Rose NEWBOLD & Richard Henry ROBINSON would be very much appreciated. Regards, Roy Robinson.
  • Seeking info. regarding my maternal Grandparents, surname of MARTIN (East End, London)
  • Posted by Kenneth A Evans on 14th October 2004
  • I am seeking information regarding my Grandparents, on my motherís side. My Motherís name before marriage, was Ivy R. MARTIN born 29 September 1914, London East End, maybe Bow ... she married Arthur Aubrey Douglas EVANS, born 30 December 1914. Ivyís twin brother was William MARTIN & they had brothers Fredric MARTIN, Edward, MARTIN & Alfred MARTIN.
  • Arthur Aubrey Douglas EVANS died 27 December 1977 ...  and Ivy EVANS (nee MARTIN) died with the name of PARKER on 2 February 1998. Thank you for any help, Mr Kenneth A Evans
  • Seeking information re: BENTLEY family who resided in Hadfield, Derbyshire 1920 - 1930
  • Posted by JAB on October 14th 2004
  • I am looking for information regarding family of my father (Francis Joseph) BENTLEY born 1923 in Hadfield, Derbyshire. Has older brother George. Mother Mary, father Joseph. Mary (mother) died when father was 6 (say 1929/30). Father (Joseph) remarried again (donít know how long after 1st wifeís death) Ė to woman with 2 girls (half-sisters) Ė donít know second wifeís name nor those of the 2 girls. As father now 81, realise will not be able to trace immediate family but maybe descendants.
  • Trying to trace my old friends Nicky & Douglas CROFT (who are twin brothers)
  • Posted by Jeremiah ĎJerryí Cleary on October 14th 2004
  • I am trying to trace two lost friends. They are twins and both served in the RAF in the late 1950s. Their names were Nicky and Douglas Croft. Any help or information greatly appreciated, Thanks Jerry Cleary
  • Seeking info regarding May NEWBOLD nee DENNIS & later May ROBINSON of Stamford, Lincs
  • Posted by Roy on October 11th 2004
  • I am looking for any descendants of May NEWBOLD, nee DENNIS later ROBINSON of 6 School Terrace, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Can anyone help please? Regards, Roy
  • Seeking Robert TURTON or any relatives; last known to be living in Maryhill, Glasgow
  • Posted by Isa on October 8th 2004
  • I am looking any info regarding Robert TURTON, who moved from England to Glasgow, Scotland. He married Mary GRIEVE and they had 2 children - Dorothy ĎDotí and Robert ĎBobbyí. They all lived in Oran Street, Maryhill, Glasgow. Robert later left home and lived with Catharine HAMILTON, and they had another daughter by the name of Annie-Marie. If anyone is related to Robert, or knows the family, would you please contact me, a.s.a.p. Many thanks, Isa
  • Seeking info. regarding Arthur LIMB & Annie WALKER & families, of Mansfield area (Notts)
  • Posted by Melvyn Limb on 8th October 2004
  • My name is Melvyn LIMB and my family originate from the Mansfield area of Nottinghamshire. I am looking for information regarding Arthur LIMB - who, as far as I know, was born approx. 1870 and later married Annie WALKER in June/July/August of 1907 ... any information would be greatly appreciated. I have managed to trace a lot of my Motherís side of the family and anyone that I may be of assistance to, please email me Their family names are CROSBY, NICKLIN, WHETTON and JACKSON. Thanks, Melvyn
  • Seeking details & information regarding the KNIGHT family of Lostwithiel, Cornwall
  • Posted by Christine Knight on September 19th 2004
  • My name is Christine KNIGHT and I am the only child of Ken & Margaret KNIGHT of Lostwithiel, Cornwall (born 1977) ... I am looking for anyone with any knowledge regarding my KNIGHT ancestors.
  • Looking for details regarding the SHAKESHAFT & BROWN families
  • Posted by Pauline on September 18th 2004
  • I have traced both my parents back to Newport Buckingham (my parents were cousins) my paternal grandmother was a SHAKESHAFT and my maternal father was also a SHAKESHAFT. I have managed to find this family as far back as 1844 but I cannot trace my maternal grandfatherís death. I have worked very much in the dark as I do not not know any of my relatives. My fathers family were from
    Sheffield and my Mothers father went to Kent, in the marines, and married there to a Harriet BROWN from Strood in Kent. Is there any body out there who is related to me and able to give me some family history. Thanks, Pauline
  • Looking to confirm marriage details of Lon TURNER & Louisa CREWE, c. 1861 Repton?
  • Posted by [email protected] on 18th September 2004
  • I am trying to confirm the marraige of Ion turner and Louisa crewe 1861 in Repton? Any help will be appreciated.
  • Looking for information regarding Thomas MURFIN & family, of Heage in Derbyshire
  • Posted by Ivan Murfin on September 14th 2004
  • Iíd love to hear from anyone with knowledge of Thomas MURFIN, residing in Heage area of Derbyshire around 1840, known to have a son Samuel, married to Sarah in 1862. Thomas may also have had two other sons Thomas and John?
  • Looking for descendants & relaties of Arthur DEWEY & family
  • Originally posted by [email protected] on September 3rd 2004, re-submitted September 13th
  • Iím looking for information on Arthur DEWEY who sailed from Liverpool on the Lucitania, March 1911, with his wife, a former cook at Buckingham Palace. Headed for New York ... Thank you,
    [email protected]
  • Seeking info. regarding ancestors and parents of Frances KIRK, born Soham c.1816-17
  • Posted by John Kirk on September 7th 2004
  • My great grandfather, Frances KIRK was born in Soham, Cambs - around 1816/17. He owned a farm which he ran until around 1880. Iím trying to get a trace on his parents & immediate ancestors. Many thanks, John Kirk
  • Looking for parents or siblings of James TISDALE /TEASDALE born c.1835
  • Posted by Maureen White on September 7th 2004
  • I am looking for parents or other siblings of James TISDALE /TEASDALE born about 1835. James had a son called Thomas TISDALE born 1855, and Thomas had a son named Charles TEASDALE, who was born 25-5-1900, Charles mother was Catherine LAWSON b.1856. Many Thanks.
  • Looking for parents or siblings of James WHITE / WHYTE who was born in Aberdeen, 1846
  • Posted by Maureen White on September 7th 2004
  • I am looking for the parents and or other sibling of James WHITE / WHYTE who was born 1846 in Aberdeen, Scotland and his brother William born 1848 Scotland. I have found both James and William living in Bishops Wearmouth, Durham with their families on the 1881 British Census. I have been told that they are some how related to Jimmy JAMES, James CASEY and Eli WOODS, the music hall entertainers who played along side Roy CASTLE. If I could find a marriage that would give me the parents names; I presume them both to have married in England as they both married English women and had their children in England. Many Thanks.
  • Looking for the parents or siblings of Thomas HATCH born c.1794.
  • Posted by Maureen White on September 7th 2004
  • I am looking for the mother and father and any other siblings of Thomas HATCH born about 1794 his wife may have been called Susanna they had at least one child may have had more Edward J. HATCH born 1815 Lanton Long Blandford Dorset. Edward married Maria GWYNN, born 1811 at Wraxall Somerset. Many Thanks.
  • Seeking info. regarding my murdered grandfather, Herbert William CARTER, died 31/12/1950
  • Posted by Mark Novell on September 4th 2004
  • Seeking information regarding my grandfather who was murdered on New Years Eve, 1950. His name was Herbert William CARTER and he was buried in St. Pancras Cemetery, London ... and we believe he was buried in an unmarked grave. We also believe he was born at Eastbourne, Sussex. Before his death, he was married to Minnie and they had two children. I hope someone is able help, and I look forward to hearing from anyone with related information.
  • Looking for information & relations of John Alfred GRAY from Hull area, Humberside.
  • Posted by [email protected] on August 21st 2004
  • I am looking for information on my late father John Alfred GRAY and his family; I think they were living in Hull around 65yrs ago ... and he worked in his own business in Caister, Lincolnshire. Around that time he met my mother Ilene WHEATLEY from Caister. They married some years later while living in the Meadows area of Nottingham, where they stayed until there deaths in Dec of 1958 my Dad and Sept of 1963. If any one can shed any light on these people I would be most grateful.
  • Looking for the family of Fred & Rose WELLS of Hythe Hill, Colchester, England
  • Posted by Jane Mosher Page on 14th August 2004
  • This is the family I wish to find in England ... I am looking for the family of Fred & Rose WELLS, my great-uncle and great-aunt. They had 2 children....Fred Jr. and Jack. The last address I have for them was 91 Hythe Hill, Colchester, England. Fred WELLS was the brother of my great-grandfather, George Edward WELLS.
  • Geore Edward WELLS was married to Edith YOUNG. They lived at 87 Blechynden Street, Kensington, Kensington Town, County of London - when Beatrice and Cyril were born. They had three children: (1) Beatrice Rose WELLS, born 1895 (My grandmother, whom I loved dearly.) (2) Cyril Sidney WELLS, born 1898 (Found this family in 2002). (3) George William WELLS, born 1894 (Still looking for George's family.) All three children were sent to the Kensington Union Workhouse, then to the Liverpool Sheltering Home and subsequently were sent to Canada to work. They lost contact with each other. Fred and Rose WELLS used to correspond warmly with my grandmother Beatrice Rose WELLS. My Dad tried to find the family when he was overseas during WW2, but he was unsuccessful. I would love to reconnect with my overseas family. Thank you, Jane Mosher Page
  • Seeking info. regarding John Coleman MOLE, son of William MOLE & Harriet HEADLAND
  • Posted by Caron Mole on August 8th 2004
  • Hi my name is Caron Mole and I am searching for any history on my great-grandfather John Coleman MOLE, who was born on the 1st January 1897; his father was William MOLE & his mother was Harriet HEADLAND. He was born in Carlton but had his birth registerd in Bedford in the sub-district Harrold. His father William was a farm labourer. The registrar who entered John Coleman MOLE's birth was Caleb Le Fevre. Can anyone help me find any information about where he might be buried or anything about his life? What was his profession? Who were his friends? ... Many Thanks
  • Seeking info. on Barnett KOSKY & Yetta KOSKY, formerly KLIMAN ... who were from Poland
  • Posted by Julie Skinner & Kerry Laker on August 7th 2004
  • We are looking for any information on Barnett KOSKY & Yetta KOSKY, formerly KLIMAN. They came to England from Poland, arriving in Liverpool and settling in the East End of London.  We know the lived at 134 Brick Lane Whitechapel, Spitalfields in 1897 as that was where their son Joseph KOSKY was born (we got this info from his birth certificate). They later had a son called Jack in 1905 while they were living in the Mile End area. We have traced Barnett to a Carpenters business in Hoxton, Shoreditch around 1910 - 1912.  We can find no trace of them on any census returns for 1901, and have found no record of Jack's birth. So between 1897 and 1910, we have little to go on about them.   We also know that both boys were orphaned at some point when Joseph was aroud 9 years old and had a local connection to the Thanet area of Kent. Any help or information would be gratefully received.
  • Seeking info. regarding Reverend James PRIOR of Netherbury, Dorset (moved to USA in 1844)
  • Posted by Sheila Carr on August 5th 2004
  • I would like more information on the Reverend James PRIOR who lived in Netherbury, Dorset in the 1830s and 1840s. Rev. PRIOR was a Congregationalist Dissenter and presided at the marriage of his son Cornelius W. PRIOR, at the Independent Church in 1841 in Waytown, near Netherbury. The Rev. PRIOR emigrated to the USA in 1844. Many Thanks, Sheila Carr, Somerset & Dorset Family History Society.
  • Looking for Gail OFFORD born Grays, Essex and daughter of Lorna DYE & Kirth
  • Posted by John Dye on August 2nd 2004
  • My name is John DYE & I am looking for Gail OFFORD who was born in Grays, Essex about 46 years ago. Gailís mother was Lorna DYE and her father was Kirth. Gail was christened in Grays Essex though moved back to Ipswich with her father when she was a small child ... this is all I know. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Gail ... Iíd love to hear from you, Thanks John
  • Looking for any information regarding Thomas WHEELDON & family (of Buxton & Manchester)
  • Posted by Fiona Patrick on August 1st 2004
  • I am looking for any information about Thomas WHEELDON, born in Buxton in the 1860's. He later moved to Manchester and died there around 1933. He was married three times, I do not know the name of his first wife but his second wife was called Sarah and his third wife was Elizabeth PUGH.  He had thirteen children, the names that I know are as follows, Joseph, Thomas, Frank, Edith, Jane, Sarah?, Agnes, Annie and May. If anyone has any information about this family I would be most grateful if you would contact me. Thanks, Fiona Patrick
  • Seeking information about my mother Winifred Kathleen SYMON (aka Kay HAWKINS)
  • Posted by Richard Jones 30th July 2004
  • I am seeking information about my mother born Winifred Kathleen SYMON but married as Kay HAWKINS. She was born in Rochester / Chatham Medway Kent on 23rd June 1920 to Elsie Winifred SYMON, formerly BRIDGEN, and John Vernon SYMON. Adopted on 10th February 1936 by Thomas DESBROW  & Lilian Marie HAWKINS of 20 Glanville Drive Hornchurch, shown as same address as my mother at time of adoption.  Adoption hearing in Essex County Court  in Ilford Petition Q25. I cannot find marriage for parents and wonder how to go about finding what happened between 1920 and 1936.  Was she fostered or placed in an orphanage - 16 at time of adoption ? Many Thanks, Richard Jones (Address - 88 Rostrevor Parade, Mont Albert North, Victoria, Australia 3129)
  • Looking for Descendants of William Henry LEDGER BUDD of UK - CAN - AUS
  • Posted by Karen Shrosbery on July 26th 2004
  • William was born in Kenn, Devon in 1880 and married Annie BESS in 1901 & they emigrated to Manitoba Canada. Their daughter Irene Ann LEDGER BUDD was born in Manitoba 1909; the family then emigrated to Australia NSW Sydney area (Newtown) and son Roy Henry LEDGER BUDD was born in 1913. Annie Died ? and William re- married in 1927, to Mary LALOR. Irene married in 1928, to Archie BALL, born Leicester England. Roy married in 1932 Gwyneth Melba SIOSTROM, however they divorced in 1943 and he remarried the same year, to Edna COWIE .... Can anyone help? If you have any information on any of these people, Iíd be very pleased to hear from you. Thanks Karen.
  • Looking for parents & siblings of Wilfred RAPER born Bermondsey, London in 1892
  • Posted by Martin Lee on 21st July 2004
  • I'm looking for the parents and siblings of Wilfred RAPER born Bermondsey on 1st June 1892. The only further location we have of the family is somewhere in Vine St. near what is now Tower Bridge Underground Stn. His Father, we were told, was an accomplished musician together with at least two of his six or seven sisters. At the age of 9 he was an 'Inmate' of  the South Metropolitan School District, Brighton Road School, Sutton, Surrey. Between 9 and 22 very little is known until he joined No. 2 Infantry of the Bedfordshire Regt and went to France with the British Expeditionary Force as a Lineman laying phone lines between the trenches. He was badly injured in action and was sent to a hospital in Bristol. Can anyone please help in tracing his family. Thank you, Martin Lee
  • Seeking Bert & Mary or Len HUMPHREY, Janet & Timothy HUMPHREY or Dorothy DIXON
  • Posted by Janet Hines on July 21st 2004
  • Can you help me? I am looking for Bert & Mary HUMPHREY of England, or Len HUMPHREY, or information regarding Dorothy DIXON (deceased) of Morden, Surrey England ... also seeking information regarding Janet or Timothy HUMPHREY England. Any information regarding these people would be much appreciated. Thanks, Janet Hines
  • Seeking information regarding Harry COCKAYNE & Margaret FINDLAY (Bloxwich, Walsall area)
  • Posted by Yvonne Pringle on July 20th 2004
  • I am looking for information on Harry Cockayne who married Margaret Findlay in the early to mid 1920's (1923/24).  All I know is that is he had about 5 brothers with the names Frederick, John, Charles, Simon and Harold.  Also had a sister whose name I think was Sarah Ann.  They all grew up in the Bloxwich, Walsall area.  My Mum would like to know what her ancestery is as her folks never talked very much and my grandfather was almost in his 60's when he got married.  Any help or information regaridng this family would be much appreciated. Yvonne Pringle (Daughter of Betty Cockayne)
  • Looking for information & whereabouts of Geraldine VALLON
  • Posted by Sanford R. Simon on July 19th 2004
  • Looking for information & whereabouts of Geraldine VALLON, who was living near Manchester c.1950
  • Iím looking for any descendants of William & Sarah ROSS & their family of Bow Brickhill
  • Posted by Pam Curran on 14th July 2004
  • I am trying to find any descendants of the ROSS Family of Bow Brickhill.  William ROSS was the Blacksmith of the village and the constable up until 1933  Sarah was his wife and they had eight children.  Ada, Grace (who married Digby Crompton WHITEHEAD in 1925) Lillian ( who married ? ADKINS) Emily ( who married Alun ATKINS in 1929) Dora, William, and  Ethal Jane.  We would like to make contact with any living relative of any of these people.  We are related to Emily and Alun ATKINS .... Many Thanks
  • I'm looking for info. about an unfortunate Catholic Priest who lost his head a few centuries ago
  • Posted by Nisha on 8th July 2004
  • I'm looking for information about a Catholic Priest... beheaded while saying mass... 300  to 400 years ago... his skull and westments are (or was) on display in a church in Lancashire (I think in Catforth?), but not sure about the place. If any one knows about any information please email me. Thank You
  • Looking for information regarding the FORD & DANGERFIELD families, from South Wales
  • Posted by Trevor Westlake on June 29th 2004
  • My Mother was Annie FORD (1887-1939) her Mother lived in Llandaff North, Cardiff, South Wales. Her Brother/Sister lived in Whitchurch (last house by the Canal).  Information also requested on Dolly and Tommy DANGERFIELD also of Llandaff North, Cardiff, South Wales. Can anybody help please, many thanks - Trevor. (Trevor Westlake, 84 Pen-y-Mynydd, Betttws, Bridgend. CF32 8SB)
  • Information wanted, regarding brothers James & Francis McCARDELL of Glossop, Derbyshire
  • Posted by íMací Francis James McCARDELL on 22nd June 2004
  • I am endeavouring to trace my Great Uncles who were residents of Glossop in 1934. I was named after these gentlemen and would like to find out more about them. (1) James McCARDELL:  Born. Glossop:  Year: 1880 ... In 1934 he was listed as Secretary to Isaac Jackson and Sons. His address was give as "Sunny View Glossop". (2) Francis McCARDELL:  Born. Glossop:  Year. 1885 ... In 1934 his occupation was given as Storekeeper to the Glossop Corporation. His address was 74 Surrey Street Glossop. Any information or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated, Mac McCardell.
  • (Francis James McCardell, 13 Victory Rd, Laingholm, Waitakere City, New Zealand)
  • Information wanted regarding George OSBOURN(E) & Hannah/Ann STRAIT & their family
  • Posted by Fay Blanks on 22nd June 2004
  • I am searching for the marriage of my ancestor George OSBORN(E) born 1802. He married Hannah/Ann STAIT who was born at Eynsham, Oxford in approx. 1806. They married circa 1832. They had several children including George born 1833, Jacob born 1834 and Hannah born 1840. They emigrated to South Australia in 1847. It is their marriage and the names of an additional child who accompanied them to South Australia that I cannot find. They lived in Buckinghamshire & one child was christened at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Padbury and the others I think were christened at Holy Trinity Church, Gawcott.  I think I have traced back to the first George's family who came from Northampton. I would really appreciate any information that anyone can pass on to me, yours very sincerely, Fay Blanks
  • Looking for the ancestors & descendants of Thomas COOPLAND & Sarah GRASBY
  • Posted by Charles Cane on 16th June 2004
  • I am looking for information leading to the identity of the parents of my great, great grandparents Thomas COOPLAND and his wife Sarah (nee GRASBY) who lived in Fleetgate, Barton in 1852. Their son John was born in the same area, on the 22nd July 1952. I would be grateful for any help or advice you may be able to provide me with. Thanks and regards, Charles Cane.
  • Iím trying to locate descendants of the FOSTER family from the Millom area of Cumbria
  • Posted by [email protected] on 4th June 2004
  • Please help me ... I am trying to find any relations of the FOSTER family from the Millom area of Cumbria; especially anyone who is related to Alex FOSTER and Geraldine FOSTER, thanks.
  • Looking for info & connections to Thomas Curtis BURLEY & Eliza Clara KIRK, of Caunton, Notts
  • Posted by Rachael Salmon on June 1st 2004
  • I am looking for information on my GGG grandfather Thomas Curtis BURLEY born 28/12/1828 Caunton Nottingham. Thomas married Eliza Clara KIRK also of Caunton. Both worked & resided at Beesthorpe Hall the gentry of Caunton. Thomas worked as a groom & married Clara in Caunton in 1855. I am looking for any information on Thomas & his parentage, siblings, as there are few links to go on. Many Thanks, Rachael Salmon
  • Looking for parents and siblings of John Robert LAMBERT born 1841 at Horncastle, Lincs
  • Posted by Ann Lambert on 1st June 2004 .... See my web site for more information
  • I'm looking for the parents and siblings of John Robert LAMBERT. John was born April 14th 1841 in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, England. I would love to find his birth certificate to verify his parents names. He came to the USA in about 1859, and joined the American Civil War 1861.  He married Hannah NICKELSON in Illinois in 1864. John's father name my have been Joseph LAMBERT.  His mother and siblings are unknown. Thank you for any help, Regards Ann Lambert.

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